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Dunzo: LimeyG


LimeyG, hungry like the wolf.

Pour one out for LimeyGUniversal Hub passed along the sad news from Chowhound.

This picture is not mine, it’s from LimeyG’s website.

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Bristol Lounge

I wonder if they’re putting in that long-awaited, much-anticipated playroom at The Four Seasons’ Bristol Lounge.


Why is the city involved with determining is a cheese shop if a good fit for a neighborhood?  I see the need for permission to open a  toxic waste facility. A train yard?  Yes, we need city involvement.  Really, anything that is dangerous or even disruptive, but a wine & cheese shop?  Get out of town!

Is it weird the Boston Licensing Board determines need? Is it really a good idea for a few politically-powerful, overly-influenced, possibly-juiced-in buttinskis (who make an ass-load of money for a part-time job!) to determine the market.  Nicole Ferrer’s assertion that “There really is no market that service this niche,” shouldn’t even be a consideration.  Free market determines the need.

This is the same genius-filled board that questioned Allston’s need for a McDonalds  that opens early morning:

Board member Suzanne Ianella questioned the need to open that McDonald’s at 5 a.m., saying a neighboring Tedeschis may already sell an Egg McMuffin-like breakfast substance at that hour.

What’s wrong with this broad?  It shouldn’t be up to a government board to determine the business needs of a neighborhood and protect existing business from competition. Can’t McDonald’s adequately determine the need themselves?  Can’t their patrons determine the need?

Really… What the hell is wrong with these people?


UPDATE: Let’s celebrate!  The all-powerful licensing board approved the request.



And a special thank you to Adam at Universal Hub for covering these ridiculous hearings.  Ain’t got time and ain’t no way I could remain quiet as these ass-hats continue to mess up the city and its businesses.
Leo's Place: no frills. Not even the window display.

Leo’s Place: no frills. Not even the window display. click image for enlargement

Leo's cheeseburger

Leo’s double cheeseburger plate ($7.95) click image for enlargement

Leo's Cheeseburger Alt

More double cheeseburger plate. click image for enlargement

Pancakes & ham

Pancakes & ham: a solid choice, only $6.95. click image for enlargement

Will I go back?  Yup.  It’s not the nicest place in town, and the menu doesn’t have any real standouts that can’t be had elsewhere, but I still like Leo’s Place.  A lot. The food is good, the service is fast, the staff is friendly, and the price is right.  Just don’t expect two pound burgers and hubcap-sized pancakes; portions are a throwback to a time when places didn’t serve Cheesecake-Factory-sized portions for obese Americans.

A quick note to the clowns at the bar next door… never mind. I’ll explain some other time.

Leo’s Place
35 John F Kennedy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Square
all-you-can-eat fonts

and all-you-can-eat fonts

Lookin good, LeMons!

Lookin good, LeMons.

Haymarket on Hanover Street, overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Haymarket on Hanover Street, overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway



Haymarket hint:  buy it when you see it.  I was back to buy mushrooms five minutes later, and mushrooms gone.  I got schrod.

Haymarket hint: buy it when you see it. Five minutes later: mushrooms gone. All gone. I got schrod.

That makes a lot of Mojitos

That makes a lot of Mojitos

See more pics of Boston’s Haymarket

Polcari's Coffee

Polcari’s, looking all old-timey’n stuff. I have no idea why people would waste money on high-tech gadgets just to make pictures that look old and washed out. So, for you Instagram lovers: here ya go.

Polcari's Coffee

Get your coffee (and other dry goods) by weight. Polcari’s is off the beaten path, but only slightly.  It’s about a block off Hanover Street so a strict follower of the Freedom Trail will miss this place. It would be a shame to miss Salem Street because it’s not on a tourist map.  It’s Hanover Street’s dirty sibling.  Not as clean (more trash, more garbage,and more smells), but it has much more character and charm than Hanover.

Polcari's Coffee

I couldn’t figure out if this is for decoration or for customer use.

Polcari's Coffee

No Help.  This place reminds me of a store from my childhood: Hingham Grain and Spice. Polcari’s looks remarkably like the spice store, and smells exactly as I remembered it.  Cavatorta family: if you see ever see this, you should be able to easily figure out who I am.

Polcari's Coffee

The have loads of stuff that your local Stop & Shop might not carry: salted capers, almond paste, etc…

Polcaris Coffee


Polcari's Coffee

And more nuts.

Polcari's Coffee

Not so old-timey  Don’t expect to pick up a cup of coffee here.  Polcari’s is a store, not a restaurant.  They have a small deli case, but the focus here is coffee beans (duh), spices, rice, and beans.  If you need meat and cheese, other markets nearby can help, but this is the place to go for dry-goods.

Polcari’s Coffee
105 Salem Street
Boston,MA 02113
North End