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Mei Sum Bakery: Grade “A” Buns

Hot dog buns at Mei Sum.  Highly recommended by people like me.

Hot dog buns at Mei Sum. Highly recommended by people like me.

A friend of mine introduced Alyk and I to the Chinese pork bun a while back, and I’ve been stuck on them ever since.  However… I tried a warm hot dog bun at Mei Sum Bakery last week, and I can’t stop eating them.  I even passed up opening day at a a new pizza joint downstairs just so I could indulge in my new habit.

The hot dog bun… it’s just like every other bun in every other Chinese bakery except it’s filled it with a hot dog (a wiener filled bun?). The slight sweetness of the chewy, yeasty dough complements the smokey dog perfectly. The hot dog bun doesn’t need any condiments or utensils, which works out well; Mei Sum doesn’t offer any.

Mei Sum is a no-frill place with a glass display case cloudy from decades of use, a tiny seating area usually filled with overflow storage and supplies, and four small consignment-store tables almost always filled with old men from the neighborhood. It’s squeezed in between a parking garage and an Asian video store—easy to dismiss by passers by.

Mei Sum also serves Banh Mi for $2.75.  I’ve never had it, but the woman behind the counter promised I’d like it, and I promised I’ll be back soon to pick  up a couple.

The good:

  • excellent hot dog bun
  • ultra cheap

The not-so-good:

  • difficult-to-find, but so is everything else in Boston
  • 6:30 pm closing
  • limited seating

The Grade: B+

The Details:

  • Hot Dog Bun (two, for a complete lunch) $1.80
  • Total (with tax): $1.80
Mei Sum Bakery
36 Beach Street

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