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Chacarero in Downtown Crossing: A Chilean Classic

I’ve passed Chacarero (101 Arch Street) several times over the past year, but never when they’re open.  They seem to cater to the Downtown Crossing/Financial District lunch crowd, and, as a night crawler,  I’m rarely out and about at lunch. I asked Little Brother, a Financial-District-lunch-crowd kinda guy, for his thoughts, but he seemed pretty unimpressed.  He mentioned his friends and co-workers love the place, but he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic; he doesn’t avoid the place, but he wouldn’t trade my nephew for a sandwich.

I now have the same feelings about the place.  The chicken sandwich was adequate. Actually, it was better than adequate; it was quite good, but I definitely wouldn’t trade my nephew for one.  By mid-afternoon, they sold out of small rolls, so  had to get a large sandwich, and it left me completely satisfied. I got my money’s worth ($8).

The roll looked like a six-inch hamburger bun, but it had much more substance and held together better than a bun.  Warm and slathered with guacamole-like avocado spread,  the chacarero is layered with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and green beans, then finished with thinly-sliced chicken or beef.  Little Brother mentioned the hot sauce, but I didn’t notice any kick; they must hold back for goofy white guys.

Overall, Chacarero was pretty good.  If it were near my work (and open when I need it), Characero would be part of my regular lunch rotation.

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