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I’m Not a Liar!

I assured the woman at Mei Sum Bakery I’d be back in to their Banh Mi (an inexpensive Vietnamese sandwich);  fourteen weeks and dozens hot dog buns later, I kept my promise. I really wish I hadn’t waited that long; $2.75 buys a fantastic sandwich.

Watching her make the thing was another story. Nothing gross or un-hygienic: it just didn’t look promising.  The sandwich started with what appeared to be a supermarket deli roll- the ones that come in plastic bags of six,  dry on the inside, leathery on the outside. The kind I really hate- a deal breaker.

She toasted it,  slathered the inside with something, then dropped it under the broiler again.   Could have been pate, could have been… anything.    I imagined the mystery stuff separating (breaking like a sauce) and turning everything into a soggy mess.

But I imagined wrong.  The the lightly-toasted barbeque beef sandwich could beat any Banh Mi on a French Roll any day of the week.  It was a bit crisp on the outside, tender inside, and salty, sweet, and spicy hot.  Not at all what I expected after watching her prepare this thing.

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