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Boston Burger Blog Hit the Mark with Scarlet Oak Tavern

Black Angus Burger at Scarlet Oak Tavern

I look forward to each post from the Boston Burger Blog.  I often find new places to try, and even if I don’t visit a particular restaurant, I still get an education in burger-ology, the study of burgers and all thing related.

This brings me to the Boston Burger Blog post on Scarlet Oak Tavern, a location I’ve passed thousands of times (yes, 1000′s!), yet I never, ever considered any restaurant in that location for burgers.  Most restaurants in that location seemed a bit too stuffy for a good burger. But now, thanks to Richard at the Boston Burger Blog, I no longer have to go to Burton’s or The Fours when I’m on the South Shore visiting Momps. Those places offer adequate food, but Scarlet Oak Tavern serves better-than-adequate burgers in a beautiful, centuries-old  Hingham estate.

I didn’t get anything fancy, just a Black Angus burger with cheddar cheese (only $10 from the tavern menu).  I can’t really add much to his review. He mentioned the steak fries aren’t really steak fries; they’re as wide as steak fries, but much thinner, so they fry up much better.  And the pickles… I’m not a pickle eater (Ha! Pickle eater!), but the strong citrus flavor makes for some tasty bread and butter pickles.

cole slaw and pickles

Bland cole slaw, but amazing bread and butter pickles

I mentioned Scarlet Oak Tavern as a great alternative to Burton’s in Hingham and The Fours in Norwell, but keep this in mind: proper dress is required.  Cut-off T-shirts, jean shorts, and Tevas with socks might work at the Fours, but it isn’t fashionable, and it doesn’t belong at Scarlet Oak Tavern. The casual-lunch types can get by with a clean pair of jeans and a polo. Skip the Ed Hardy, please.


Scarlet Oak Tavern
1217 Main Street
Hingham, MA 02043

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