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Hit Bostone Pizza For a Slice on Newbury Street

The Potato, Chicken, and Bacon Ranch Pizza has a great balance of flavor: just enough fat, smoke, potato, and ranch-y spices so the pie doesn't have a dominant flavor.

Back when I could stomach the Phantom Phucktards, I watched a segment with Bostone Pizza’s owner, Caryn King.  They discussed Bostone’s Sicilian squares and how light and airy the crust was.  Because those A-holes on the Phantom are so prone to hyperbole, I thought they were full of shit.  Turns out, they weren’t.

Those a-holes at the Phantom weren't full of shit this time; the slices were just as they described.

The crust really is… well… light and fluffy.  It’s not dense or doughy like most Sicilian crust.  And they go easy on the toppings, maintaining the balance of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings.  There I go with balance again.  It usually isn’t something I ever consider, so I couldn’t tell you why it’s so important to me today.

Bostone Pizza's Potato, Chicken, and Ranch Bacon Pizza

The potato pizza wasn’t at all what I expected.  I pictured those crappy Pizza Skins from Pizzeria Uno.  What we got wasn’t anything like Uno’s bland mashed-potato pizza. Bostone sliced the red potato (which I expected to dislike) thin enough to cook in the pizza oven.  I spoke with Caryn for a few minutes about the Potato Pizza, and she mentioned they were experimenting with a potato chip pizza.  If they make it, I’ll give it a try.

The evening's only disappointment: a meatball sub.

I only ordered the meatball sub because I just knew I’d hate the pizza Alyk wanted.  But the pizza was so good, I didn’t need the sub.  It’s a good thing, too;  it was the low point of the night.  They made a picture-perfect sub, but the flavor was off.  Not bad, just not right…  like they were going for a low-fat version of a meatball sub instead of one with a rich sauce and moist (fatty) meatballs.

I’ll definitely eat Bostone again.  It’s a good, quick bite in an area without much pizza-by-the-slice competition.




Bostone Pizza-Back Bay
225 Newbury Street (between Exeter and Fairfield)
Boston, MA 02116


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