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Best Hot Dog in America, Said Wall Street Journal

That's a big damn hot dog, ain't it? It's a half-pound dog on a big-ass sub roll.

Hidden in a little industrial park that caters to Boston’s food service industry, Speed’s stands out as one of the best lunch options in the area.  A few other places exist for the workers in the South Bay industrial park, but none are like Speed’s.  First, it’s a trailer.  Second, it only has seating for four.  Third, it has a limited menu. A very limited menu. Two items: hot dogs and brisket sandwiches.

Speed’s serves their amazing half-pound hot dogs on toasted sub rolls ($7).  Toppings are limited, but delicious: sweet barbeque, sweet honey mustard, sweet chili (no beans), sweet onion, and sweet relish. I sense a theme…

Unlimited seating options at Speed's, provided you bring your own chair..

And Speed’s liberally adds those toppings to your dogs, so be prepared for a huge mess.  The easiest way to eat at Speeds is to eat standing up.  I tried sitting, and each time I ended up with toppings all over my clothes.  Standing works best.

Boston Speeds

The only flaw I could find is location.  It’s a pain in the ass to find, and the only nearby public transportation is the bus. But if you have a car, put Speed’s on your to-do list.


Boston Speed Dog
42 Newmarket Square
Roxbury, MA


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