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Sam Lagrassa’s: Surprisingly Good Despite Dubious Endorsments

Grilled Chipotle Pastrami: pastrami, swiss, house-made cole slaw, and chipotle mustard.

Despite the insincere accolades from the clowns at Phantom Phuc-Tard and a segment on Food Network’s Diner, Drive-in, and Douche Bags, I took a walk to DTX for lunch at Sam LaGrassa’s.

Asiago Turkey Sandwich: turkey, pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo, onion (thin sliced), and roasted peppers,

Alyk and I shared an Asiago Turkey Sandwich and a Chipotle Pastrami Sandwich.  Both count on chipotle for flavor and heat, but they serve the Pastrami on a grilled sesame-seed roll and the turkey on a soft Asiago roll. Both are wicked good.  I preferred the Pastrami sandwich; it has little more fat and it’s much sweeter than the turkey. It’s an extra-sweet Reuben.

Sam Lagrassa's

So, the big question:

Will I go back?  Hells yeah!  Although lunch at Lagrassa’s runs a bit more than I like to spend for lunch (I try to stay under $10) it’s well worth the extra couple of bucks. Next time I might even try the house-made clam chowder

Sam Lagrassa’s
44 Province Street
Boston, MA 02108

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