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This Week’s Eats

mmm… quality food at your local Mobil station

  • Papa John’s employees really don’t care anymore, do they?
  • Boston Food And Love gave props to chowder at Anthem Kitchen + Bar.
  • A Thought for Food visited Roslindale and Boston Cheese Cellar.  I need to cheese it up at this place.
  • 40-Something Life stopped in to JM Curley for dinner. Alyk & I dined from the late-night menu, and we loved it.  They offer three food items after 10pm: burger, fries, and veg.
  • Just Add cheese took a truffle cooking class at Rialto. Truffles & Jody Adams.
  • Urban Foodie Finds dined at Strip-T’s.
  • Slice didn’t have much good to say about  Uno’s new family-size pizzas.
  • M3 impressed In and Around Town. Dood, that brown country-fried steak looks pretty disgusting. I’ve eaten my weight in fried steak, and not even once was it fried that dark or served with brown gravy.  It’s always fried until it’s gold and served with cream gravy or sausage gravy.  I wanted to try this place, but that’s a deal-breaker.  And they use brown gravy for biscuits & gravy. Jesus Palomino, that’s just terrible.
  • Sounds like Grass Fed confounded Pigtrip, prompting the greatest sideways compliment of all time,  “I can’t guarantee it’ll be a good burger and I can’t guarantee it’ll be a bad burger, but I can guarantee it’ll be an interesting burger.”  Attn Grass Fed: interesting ain’t a compliment. Not when it comes to food.
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